Several researchers have become well known following the covid-19 pandemic. There have been some vital developments in science as well.

What are some of the breakthrough discoveries and the individuals behind them? That’s what this article addresses. Keep reading to uncover ten prominent Covid-19 researchers that become useful to science.

Coronavirus – 2019-nCoV or COVID-19 vaccine bottles for injection use only. Urgent vaccine research and production use in COVID-19 – Coronavirus disease. COVID-19 vaccine close up with copyspace.

Verena Mohaupt 

Verena is a polar patroller. Towards the end of the year 2019, the biggest task regarding the Arctic commenced. The MOSAiC (Multidisciplinary Observatory for the Study of the Arctic) mission began to help scientists collect data that will be useful in predicting global warming effects in the Arctic area.

  • Adi Utarini 

Here is the mosquito commander. Adi, together with her team, helped control the effect of dengue fever by seventy-seven percent in Indonesia. The success came after many years of research. The team came up with producing mosquitoes that can’t transmit the virus to human beings. These mosquitoes were later released into the environment. The innovation helps limit the growth and population of deadly mosquitoes.

  • Li Lanjuan

This is the lockdown architect. Li, an Epidemiologist, went to Wuhan in January 2020. After a few days of arrival, she demanded an emergency lockdown for the whole city. This decision greatly helped to control the pandemic in China.

  • Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

The Director-general of the WHO Ghebreyesus made this list too. Tedros has been in this position since 2017. Just around December of 2019, the WHO first got reports of a virus in Wuhan, China causing pneumonia. On January 27 of 2020, Tedros Adhanom met with the President of China. Three days later, Covid-19 was presented as a threat to global health. This forced authorities to swiftly respond to the pandemic.

  • Gonzalo Moratoria

Gonzalo is the coronavirus hunter. As a virologist at the Pasteur Institute, Uruguay, Gonzalo was able to make an amazing prediction. His early prediction that increased demands for diagnostic tests globally won’t allow his country to be able to have reagents and tests became a reality. He and his colleagues created a diagnostic test for covid-19. And this made a decisive impact in limiting the spread of the virus in Uruguay.

  • Jacinda Ardern

This is the crisis leader. Jacinda, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, came up with strict measures just after the first six coronavirus cases were recorded.

With a population of about five million, New Zealand has only two thousand cases and twenty-five deaths from coronavirus.

  • Anthony Fauci

Anthony Fauci guided 6 presidents and the whole country through fears of bioweapon attacks, as well as outbreaks of HIV – his guidance during Zika and Ebola and Zika was successful. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Anthony was useful to the government and the world. 

  • Zhang Yongzhen

Zhang is a virologist who shared the whole genome of the Covid-19 virus with the scientific community days after the outbreak occurred in China. This goes against the bans the government imposed on the publication of information regarding Covid-19. The genome was the first weapon used against the virus. 

  • Kathrin Jansen

Kathrin is a vaccine leader. She is the head of research and development at Pfizer. Kathrin was able to prove that the new mRNA vaccine from the company is safe for humans. The vaccine went through every necessary evaluation as well as a clinical trial in 210 days.

  • Chanda Prescod-Weinstein 

Here comes a great force in physics. Chanda is a cosmologist who won two funding grants in 2020. She was able to establish her group. Chanda collaborated with other scientists in June 2020 to launch the initiative ‘Strike for Black Lives’. The campaign urged institutes to prevent racism in the science field.


These are among the key researchers and leaders who have contributed to the success of fighting the covid-19 pandemic. Finally, somehow they contributed to the production of the vaccines used to reduce the spread of the pandemic.